Energy Systems and Equipment Zaporizhzhia Ltd

Energy Systems and Equipment Zaporizhzhia Ltd

About Us

M/s ‘Energy Systems and Equipment Zaporizhzhia’ Ltd is a company specialized in supply of spares, units, assemblies and raw materials for servicing of various types of electric and electronic equipments. We have been working in this area since 1998.
Activities of our company at international market are carried out in accordance with the valid legislation of Ukraine.

During the years of activity, our company gained long-term and succesful partnership with customers of such countries as India, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, China, Peru and others.

International transfers of the items are carried out after obtaining of special licenses from the state services of Export Control of Ukraine, thus, providing of an original copy of end user certificate (EUC) from the customer is a pre-requisite when signing contracts. A distinctive feature of our company is the fact that we are working on collect on delivery conditions: payments shall be transferred upon technical acceptance of the supplied spares at the customer’s territory, and all necessary advance payments to Ukrainian plants / OEMs are effected by our company independently. Items that are exported by our company are new and correspond to all technical requirements and implemented international standards for quality assurance. All supplied units are provided with necessary technical documentation. Therefore, M/s ‘Energy Systems and Equipment Zaporizhzhia’ always maintain excellence in quality and service.

We are the manufacturers of the rubber products, metal products (such as pipes and tubes) etc. required during overhaul of SU-25, MIG-29, AN-32, IL-76 aircraft and MI-8, MI-17, MI-24/35 helicopters. 

Our company has all the necessary authorities to perform the above-mentioned activities as per the legal rules and requirements.


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Our services

At present our company has considerable experience in supply of a wide range of items mainly for aviation and other industrial systems, such as follows:

electrical connectors, switches, contact devices and connecting plugs for electrics, electronics and microelectronics;
cabling and wiring products;
fiber-glass and fluoroplastic products;
lighting spares and units;
various types of sensors and meters
integrated circuits, transistors, diodes, relays, fuses, capacitors, etc.


Tel.:  +380 (61) 213-02-51
Fax: +380 (61) 213-53-47
158B, Sobornyi Prospekt, Zaporizhzhia, 69057, Ukraine

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